Historical units

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Length units - Prussia

from (Dozenal Review *30)
zoll11·02972·615 1v08T21
fuss1212·356431·385 10·8T2310
elle25·526·257466·693 23·09721.6
klafter7274.1386188·312 64·511860
rute144148·2772376·624 108·T234100
The star (*) in front of a number, or at the head of a column, denotes dozenal numeration (in which, for convenience here, T stands for ten and E for eleven).
Meile = 24,000 fuss = 2,000 rute (about 4.68 mile or 1·29 4Gf.
1 Gf (Grafut - see article on TGM) = 11·64" or 11·305 zoll.
More to follow.