From The Yardstick, January 2000:
British Weights and Measures Association
(address, and more details of the BWMA, click here)

Campaign against compulsory metrication

Criminal to be British?

The government says it is illegal to sell goods priced by the pound. If so, it is a criminal offence to use our own weights and measures for trade in our own country!

Compulsory metrication is undemocratic

The edict already making metric units compulsory for prepackaged goods, and those sold by length, was rubber-stamped by Parliament without proper consultation or debate, against the public's wishes.

Our weights and measures are preferred

Most people, in all age groups, prefer customary weights and measures - overall 74% of us prefer them. Only 7% want metric-only labelling.

Feet and inches, gallons and pints, pounds and ounces are better

They are more practical than metric units for easy division into useful fractions. They are also more convenient in size for everyday needs.

Part of our heritage

Our weights and measures have been used for centuries in our literature, from Shakespeare to Roald Dahl. Their loss would further weaken understanding and appreciation of this inheritance.

Our units are used internationally

Aircraft heights are in feet; computer printers all work in inches. German plumbers use inches. Few, if any, countries are wholly metric. The U.S.A., with the world's largest economy, uses our feet and inches, pounds and ounces, and intends to continue doing so. Why shouldn't we?

Ending compulsory metrication

Many trade associations and chambers of commerce back our call to end compulsory metrication. So do over 90 MPs of all parties.

Helping to defend freedom

You can help to restore freedom of choice and to save part of our heritage by joining the British Weights and Measures Association. Tell others about the campaign - copies of our leaflet are available on request. Write to your MP and to your local newspaper. The time to speak up is now

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