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Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham Boys' School

Here's some more pictures of Old Askeans (when they weren't as old as what they are now) from a trip to Bavaria. It was a trip for Geographers; but they couldn't get enough so they took some of the rest of us as Historians.
Channel CrossingMeeting a Local
TeatimeWho's here?
and the next object is

A couple of those were taken by Ray Porter. He contacted me recently through "friendsreunited" and sent me some more photos of the same era - which you can see on Rays

So just who do you recognise?

There's also some photos I've scanned in from my brother's album - Neil Ferguson. He joined Aske's in 1956, but I can't remember his leaving date. Neil's

And here's another face from the past that I couldn't resist adding:

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