You've come down from space to live here with me!
What's a butterfly? What's a bumblebee?
There's nothing like that up there in the stars
Beyond Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars -
But how could you know they weren't to catch?
And how could you know who left that wet patch?

Who frightened the daylights out of a frog?
You're not too sure ... but it might be the dog;
Who's ripped the stuffing from this poor toy?
You're not too sure but ... it might be the boy.
You're sure that Baby gave you his dinner -
Worried in case you got any thinner?

Someone's spilt sugar and broken a cup -
It couldn't be you - it must be the pup ...
But you're on the table - he is down there!
The cloth is all crumpled - look at that tear ...
Someone stood in the jam - four little paws?
Some cats don't like jam - they couldn't be yours?

Kitten: I look at those innocent eyes;
I well could believe you fell from the skies;
I well could believe the pup and the dog
Did stand in the jam - did frighten the frog,
But you've been here before - know all the rules -
Humans are loving, forgiving ... and fools