Prime Reversals

In base twelve, and in base eight, "15" is a prime, and so is its 'reversal' "51".

There are many more prime pairs such as 15 and 51 (base eight or twelve) in an odd-number base than in an even-number base: in an even-number base any prime beginning with an even digit cannot be a prime when it is reversed.

Here (for example) is a list of some primes in base eleven which have prime reversals:
(T stands for ten in base eleven)

12, 21 16, 61 18, 81 27, 72
29, 92 34, 43 3T, T3 49, 94
56, 65 67, 76 89, 98 9T, T9
See also the pdf version of this page, which continues the theme, using two-way notation and the DSGB symbols for ten and eleven - Here