A guide to my patch

For your delectation and amusement, and pupils who wouldn't recognise a picture of me as I am now,
have a shufti at past glory
and if you'd like to see where I spend a fair bit of spare time, see my Study, and, of course, there's all the printing over the years, so here's a page devoted to the big machine, see print world.

All the Dozenal work is now on the DSGB site. (See the buttons at the bottom of the map site column on the left)

What is still here is the number work and the metrology; a lot of this work is repeated on the DSGB site.
Files in these sections are either ones you can read onsite, or pdf ones you can download and read later using Acrobat Reader.

Dozenals: information about Base Twelve (counting by twelves instead of by tens) and articles showing dozenals in use. See the DSGB site DSGB.

Much of the material published there is culled from DSGB leaflets, archives and publications. You will find links to other sites interested in dozenals and/or other number bases.

Weights and Measures: historical, traditional Imperial, Metric and other proposed systems; not just length and weight, but time units, temperature scales, calendar, anti-metric rumblings and whatever. There are links here to other interested parties.

Please read the Daily Telegraph article about the prosecution of a trader for using Imperial weights. Telegraph

Numbers and includes articles on prime numbers and related topics in mathematics. Not everyone's cup of tea, but you might find something interesting to download and peruse during your coffee break.

I've added the school I went to - Haberdashers.

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