Uncle Albert's Odd Moments
Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast...
and if you like hymns as much as the old soldier above
or as does our Cousin George
(see his black and white picture on the right),
you can hear them played at The Cyber Hymnal.

George also loves exotic holidays
and is signing up with "F&D" (see the advert)
for a special holiday
Cousin Edie,
(who prefers to stay in England for her holidays)
is seen here waiting
for a gallant gentleman
to ask her for a dance

and if none turns up, she might decide
she'd rather go for a run
in the country
in her new Wolseley

Mama, on the other hand, loved to go swimming
and just pass your mouse over this composite picture, (made up of two Mucha paintings) - Uncle Albert is very fond of Art Nouveau...