Proverbs Revisited

Albert was given a competition form to fill in - fit the proverb to the initial letters - e.g. ASITSN = "A stitch in time saves nine". His answers, which follow, were not exactly what the organisers expected.
ASLTWA sly look tempts widowers
ABITHIWTITBA bog in the house is worth two in the backyard
ACIAGAARA camel is a gift and a rarity
ECHASLEvery computer has a software lapse
CHWHCold hand widdle hurried
CYCATYCCook your curry according to your clock
ALNCHSA long nose can't half smell
OSDNMASOne salad does not make a slimmer
YAAOAYFYoung age and old age yearn forever
BITTWBetter ignorant than too wise

Odd essays

Albert's suggestions for essay titles - to be set as an alternative to "lines"

NB - these were written before the Americans invented the blight of "Political Correctness".

For this relief, much thanks

as remarked by Shakespeare - something to do with a monstrous quantity of sack.